High-Tech Community
You’ve heard the phrase, “great minds think alike”?

Well, in this case, many of those great minds have come together to develop a unique forum for high technology in New Jersey.

In this virtual community, people who work in technology industries can exchange ideas, participate in live chats, interactive forums, ask the experts — even explore job opportunities. It’s been built with input from tech experts and it’s evolving to include the features that matter to high-tech employees and employers alike.

To interact with others “on the inside,” just create a user name and password.

IGS Initiative
Fact: First in scientific brainpower.
Fact: First in high-tech firms.
Fact: First in private R&D spending.
Fact: First in pharmaceuticals.
Fact: First in telecommunications.

Source: Edison Partnership New Jersey High-Tech Assessment, 1999.

How did we get to The Innovation Garden State?

By talking to business leaders and technology workers around the country, we found that while they are familiar with New Jersey’s heritage of invention, they have no idea what’s going on here today … the remarkable advances and extraordinary breakthroughs which New Jersey companies are developing every single day.

We created the Innovation Garden State initiative to help “get the word out,” and also to offer current and future New Jersey businesses a chance to discover this great “secret” for themselves.

Want to know more? For more information email us at info@prosperitynj.org or go to the Prosperity NJ website.